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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Newport and its mansions

I just uploaded some pictures from my handy digital camera from our July 4th weekend trip to Newport, RI. Newport was a lot nicer (read upscale) than we had expected. Larger boats, pricier restaurants and art-glass showrooms where you would have expected tacky souvenier shops.

The B&B we stayed in was gorgeous, and a very short walk from the central piers. It was surrounded by seafood and chowder restaurants. I did manage to try the Newport special soft shell crab entree at the 'Black Pearl'. Disappointing.

The best part about Newport was the 'mansion drive'. We went to 'The Breakers', 'The Elms' and possibly one more mansion. They are grand, and better maintained than most of the older european mansions. Thats probably because Americans have fewer real mansions to preserve and cherish.

We had to stand in long lines for the opportunity to cherish, which was hard for me because of the heat. So I sat in the shade and sketched, while Animesh held my spot in the queue. This is only relevant because I plan to post all my sketches here... for you to cherish :-)

Finally we went on the ocean drive which gives an interesting view of the cliffs that surround Newport. Some cliffs apparently have an unrestricted view (if anyone could see that far) of Portugal.

Overall Newport is an upscale seaside spot teeming with people from CT and NYC. A little chilly even in July, but very nice. I would go back, but not very soon.